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EMT of CA offers American Heart Association courses in Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR, Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and First Aid.
As an AHA Authorized Training Center, we also offer the AHA’s Heartsaver® courses. Located on the Central Coast of California our classes are held in San Luis Obispo County, San Jose area, Fullerton and Vacaville, CA.

Healthcare professionals or emergency responders needing re-certification or skills checks receive the training and instruction required for their jobs. Educational professionals and others without specific medical training can learn Basic Life Support (BLS)/CPR and First Aid skills to be prepared for any medical emergency they might face in their line of work or in everyday situations. We even offer training for students as young as 4th grade that provide preparedness for babysitting.

At EMT of CA, we offer classes for individuals or groups. If you are looking to prepare your employees or volunteers, we can provide training in your facility or ours. Please contact us if you are a non-profit organization to learn about our discount.

We believe being prepared for an emergency can make the difference between life and death.
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Project S.A.V.E.: Claire’s story

When 17-year-old Claire Crawford went into sudden cardiac arrest during a high school volleyball game, she was fortunate to have trained teachers and staff there to save her life. As Claire's family learned more about her previously undiagnosed heart condition, they also learned the incident occurred in the best case scenario. She needed to go into V-fib in a place where people could quickly respond and have access to a working AED, and where she would be surrounded by people who were prepared to access vital signs and start CPR.