Robert Billington
                AHA Instructor ID#03150314955

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I have spent most of my adult life working as a Firefighter and Paramedic. After medic school, I worked on an ambulance for a few years to concentrate on developing my skills and strengthening my ability to manage any emergency situation. In addition to responding to numerous calls over the span of my career, I taught countless classes. I loved my job and I was good at it.
In 2010, I became the father of an amazing little girl and my priorities changed.  Seeing all the high quality, new firefighters joining the department, I felt it was the perfect time to retire. Upon retirement, I started my new life as a father. It was a little tough not working and leaving the emergency medical field so I decided to start giving back by teaching and encouraging others to be the best in their field of work.
I built EMT of California from the ground up, started sharing my knowledge and skills, and became a positive influence in our community. I built something that one day my daughter, if she chooses, can take over and continue a legacy of excellence. Training and encouraging others to sharpen and refine their emergency medical skills is our passion.
At EMT of California, we continue to give back to our community. We teach people how to handle emergency medical situations.
We sharpen skills, share knowledge, and keep our clients current on their required medical certifications. Nothing can take the place of real life experience but being prepared by taking a class from an experienced emergency service professional gives you the educated edge to handle challenging medical situations.